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The Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office offers this Limited Internet Search Facility as a free service to the public as a quick reference for the purpose of enabling persons to ascertain whether or not a particular company, business name, charity or society could possibly be registered in our various statutory registers.

The database created for generating the Internet Search Facility has several important limitations. The database is updated only periodically by a private contractor and accordingly, search results will not give a real-time reflection of all the entries made in the various registers held in our Office. The database will therefore never be a substitute for the official records held in our various statutory registers.

The Internet Search Facility is not intended to replace the obligation for persons to file a Name Search and Name Reservation (Form 33) required under the Companies Act and is not to be used a substitute for conducting a paid search of our official records.

In these circumstances, the Office does not and cannot guarantee the accuracy or integrity of any of the search results which are obtained from this site and no representations or warranties are made by the Office with respect thereto.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing I acknowledge that it is my sole responsibility to satisfy myself of the accuracy of any information obtained from the Internet Search Facility and of the suitability for my purposes of material taken from this site.

In using the Internet Search Facility, I agree to assume full responsibility for any liability or damage whatsoever which may result from the use of information obtained from this site which is not independently verified by me.
I have read, understood and accept the foregoing disclaimer and conditions of use.

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