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The Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office (CAIPO) is a department of the Ministry of Energy and Business Development and is recognized as one of the important pillars of Barbados' domestic and international industry and commerce.
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Registrar's Message

Welcome to the website of the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office, (CAIPO), a Department within the Ministry of Energy and Business Development. In navigating this site, you will see that the Department is a very dynamic and diverse one. We hope that you will find our website informative and helpful for guidance on the many services which we offer.

The Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office was established by Act of Parliament in 1988. It has responsibility for the administration of, and performance of roles under, some twenty-nine (29) Enactments, including core statutes for the regulation of business/corporate matters at its Corporate Registry and for the administration of the nation’s Intellectual Property Office. In addition to key legislation governing Intellectual Property matters, the Intellectual Property Office is also guided by several International Conventions and Treaties to which Barbados is a State Party. In keeping with its Mission and Vision, the Department is committed to professionalism, efficiency, timelines and the delivery of quality service. In the Corporate Services sector, the Department plays a critical role in facilitating the investment process in Barbados by generating and maintaining the legal documentation and official records so crucial to the orderly conduct of industry and commerce to and from Barbados. We are, therefore, ever mindful of our functions in the context of the need for Barbados to maintain its competitive edge in the International Business and Financial Services sectors.

As the competent authority for Intellectual Property matters, the Department continues to promote the role of Intellectual Property in maximizing Barbados’ innovative capacity and output into the future. In addition, we continue to work with our Strategic Partners in building respect for Intellectual Property and encouraging Barbadians in the Creative/Cultural Industries sector to succeed by ensuring they reap the full benefits offered by the Intellectual Property System.

At the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office, we recognize the importance of the Internet as an increasingly indispensable medium of communication with global reach, providing public access to information which is not construed by time or location. Further, as we embrace the technologies of this digital age and business modalities, which are truly forming the world economy, we are particularly pleased to make on-line services available at our Corporate Registry, in the first instance, in fulfillment of our commitment to you to deliver a timely, efficient service and in keeping with Government’s stated policy of promoting e-commerce and e-government.

At the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office, our commitment is to build and maintain robust systems at our Corporate Registry as well as at our Intellectual Property Office and to work proactively with Valued Customers, Industry Stakeholders and Strategic Partners to find the best solutions and applications to ensure sustainable, long term relationships.

Thank you for your interest in our work and we look forward to hearing from you on how we can serve you better through this website.

Our Vision

It is envisaged that the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office will be transformed in the next decade into a highly efficient Registry, capable of providing sterling service at minimum cost, thereby promoting the competitive development of Barbados' domestic and international trade and business.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office is to provide and maintain within the framework of the law and the available resources, a reliable system of public records and an efficient registry service which supports the commercial activities of the public and private sectors as well as the development of Barbados' domestic and international trade and business.
Our History
The Registration Office of the Barbados Supreme Court which was located in Coleridge Street Bridgetown was the initial Office for the department. It was the first office where companies, businesses and trademarks were registered. This would have been under the 1910 Companies Act of Barbados.


The office would have separated from the main Registry and emerged as the Corporate Affairs and Industrial Property Office, under the reformed Companies Act of Barbados of 1982.


It relocated its operations to Walrond Street Bridgetown, under the administration of the then Deputy Registrar, Lorna Duncan.


By an Act of parliament the Office of Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property was established. Thereafter, the first Registrar, Jennifer Edwards was appointed.


New home was Geddies Grant Building, Whitepark Road;


Change of address to James Street, Bridgetown


The introduction of computers to facilitate the modernisation process in the Office.


Move to Belmont Road St. Michael.


Relocation to it's current office at Baobab Towers, Warrens, St. Michael.


Introduction of the AS400 legacy system to facilitate electronic filing and payment for all lines of service offered by the Department.

Please click on the Corporate Affairs tab to access forms associated to the services of the Corporate Registry which have not been automated in our portal.
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