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The “Corporate Affairs Section” of the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office has statutory responsibility for the registration and incorporation of various types of companies, business names, bills of sale, pharmacies, trade unions, newspapers and limited partnerships. Numerous statutory registers are kept for the benefit of the public at large, and the Registrar is responsible under the law for maintaining the registers and ensuring that the particulars filed therein are kept current and are in a reliable state for inspection by the public.

Attorneys-at-Law, Corporate Secretaries and members of the public may visit the Office to conduct searches in relation to the above-mentioned types of businesses and companies registered here. The register of company mortgages and charges and the bills of sale register may also be searched by creditors and other interested members of the public to determine the outstanding indebtedness of particular companies as well as individuals.

Since the Registrar also functions as an adjudicator of property transfer tax and stamp duty, commercial documents may also be presented at the Office to be assessed for government Stamp Duty or Property Transfer Tax.

Most registrations are effected by completing prescribed forms and paying a registration fee, whereupon a certificate will invariably be issued by the Registrar.

Please click on the Corporate Affairs tab to access forms associated to the services of the Corporate Registry which have not been automated in our portal.
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