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It is the features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation that gives a special appearance to a product of industry or handicraft and serves as a pattern for that product of industry or handicraft. The Industrial Design does not need to have any artistic merit but must new. ‘New’ means not previously made available in Barbados.

No, but a registered Industrial Design can be a valuable commercial asset. As the owner of a registered Industrial Design you can easily enforce your rights against a person who uses your Industrial Design without your permission. As the registered owner, you: *

Have the exclusive right to use the design specified in your registration;
Have the exclusive right to authorize other people to use your design as specified in the registration;
Have a registered design which is ‘personal property’ which can grow in value and can be sold;
Can take legal action to stop other people using your design without your permission.

No. Designs for products which are primarily literary or artistic in character cannot be registered. They are:

Book jackets
Certificates, forms or other documents
Dressmaking patterns
Greeting cards
Maps and plans
Post cards
These may be protected under the Copyright Act. You may not register a design featuring:

Layout for an integrated circuit
The Olympic ring or motto or the Olympic torch or flame
Representation of Queen Elizabeth II or any member of the Royal Family
The coat of arms, flag or seal of Barbados
The armorial bearings, flags, state emblems or signs of any other country

  1. Registration initially protects your design for 5 years which can be renewed for 2 further consecutive periods of 5 years each.

An application is filed at the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office, Keith Bourne Complex, Belmont Road, St. Michael. The cost of an application is $100.00 and a further $100.00 for registration. The Industrial Design will be entered in the Register and the Director will send to you by registered post your certificate of registration.

No. Registration is effective only in Barbados. However, registration here can be used to establish a ‘priority’ date for a separate application made in a foreign country.

Yes. A registered design can be a valuable business asset and you can sell or license it like any other property.

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