This form is for notice of change of director(s) by Companies & Non Profit Company post incorporation. By filing this form, user will be able to submit the notice of appointment and/or cessation of director(s) under the Companies Act of Barbados. After filing of this Form 9, the CAIPO Officers will review the Form along with documents annexed to the same and if they find the same to be in order, then the form will be approved and the changed notice of director will be taken on record.

Fees: $25




Companies Act, Cap. 308 and the Companies Regulations, 1984

An Act to revise and amend the laws relating to companies and to provide for related and consequential matters. View the Act.  View the Regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the important corporate responsibilities which companies assume upon incorporation under the Companies Act, is the obligation to keep the Registrar of Companies notified of changes which have occurred among its directors. Section 74(1) of the Act requires a company to notify the Registrar of a change among its directors within 30 days after the change is made.

Since directors are by law, the prime moving force in the management of the business and affairs of the company, it is important for the public with whom the company does business to be informed of any changes which have taken place among the company’s directing mind.

The statutory obligation to notify changes to the Registrar accordingly assists the Registrar to update the public records held at the Department and ensures that the public at large is notified of such changes as soon as possible after they are effected by the company.

Section 59 of the Companies Act, Cap.308 provides that a private company must have at least one (1) director, while a public company must have no fewer than three (3) directors, at least two (2) of whom are not officers or employees of the company or any of its affiliates.

A Notice of Change of Directors (Form 9) must be submitted to the Corporate Registry for filing within 30 days after a change is made among the directors of a company (Section 74(1), Corporate (Miscellaneous) Provisions Act, 2015-.1).

Under the Companies Act, the Notice must always be in the prescribed form and must be filed in duplicate. The completed documents must be deposited for filing at the office of the Registrar.

The following information must be included in the Notice of Change of Directors (Form 9):-
  • Full legal name of the company and the company number assigned. (this number is not required when the Notice is filed with the Articles of Incorporation or Amalgamation)
  • First given name, middle initial(s) and family name of each director.
  • Full residential address and occupation of each director (N.B. Post Office Box is not acceptable)
  • Date of appointment or resignation of director(s) where applicable.

A director or authorized officer of the company shall sign the Notice of Change of Directors (Form 9). Upon incorporation, an incorporator shall sign the Notice of Directors (Form 9).

A prescribed fee of BDS $25.00 is payable to the Registrar for each Notice (Form 9). Notification of change in registered office information.

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