Notice of measures implemented – COVID- 19- March 24, 2020

Notice is hereby given of the implementation of several measures at the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office given the confirmation of several COVID 19 cases in Barbados; as follows:

•    The number of persons who are being accommodated in the Corporate Registry at any time has been limited to five.

•    No member of the public is permitted to enter the inner office of the Corporate Registry and business  is being conducted behind the protective glass. This includes the provision of notarial services.

•    Use of the Department ‘s on-line facility is being encouraged and queries relative to the status of applications and of post incorporation or organisational filings should be sent via email to caipo.general@barbados

Persons are encouraged to register with the Office as Agents so that they may use the Department’s on-line facility. Those persons who are registered as Agents may also make use of Government’s EZPay+ system for the purpose of topping up their accounts for the provision of various services including the renewal of registration of trademarks and the payment of prescribed fees for patents and patent applications.
A drop box facility has been put in place in the Corporate Registry to facilitate correspondence and applications. All documentation must be accompanied by the statutory fees with payment by cheques made payable either to the Registrar of Companies or the Registrar of Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property. No cash should be placed in the drop box.

As for the submission of documents to the Corporate Registry and Intellectual Property Office, e-signatures are being accepted and scanned copies of, for example notarials  and powers of attorney are also being accepted , provided that they  are  supported  by  an undertaking given by counsel to file the original documents as soon as possible.

The Corporate Registry will accept corporate documents from another jurisdiction without the requirement of notarial certification provided that these documents can be independently verified (for example, if they contain a QR Code or some other access code which allows the same document to be viewed on the issuing Corporate Registry’s website).

If they are no such means of independent verification , the Registrar will accept , without notarial certification during the prevailing circumstances , corporate documents which have been executed outside of the jurisdiction where the documents are supported by an affidavit which has been signed by counsel for the body corporate, in accordance with Section 407 of the Companies Act , Cap.308 as amended, and which verifies the authenticity of the documents and the facts contained therein .

Should a Stage 3 response be implemented at the national level then all communication with the Office will be restricted to use of the drop box which would be relocated to the foyer. Alternatively , persons may continue to use the email address caipo.general@barbados

Dated this 24th day of March, 2020

Heather A. Clarke Registrar
Corporate Affai rs and Intellectual Property

Please click on the Corporate Affairs tab to access forms associated to the services of the Corporate Registry which have not been automated in our portal.
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