Companies Questionnaire 2022

This questionnaire is being administered pursuant to section 175 (5) of the Companies Act. The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine the adequacy of the internal compliance systems and procedures instituted by companies in order to satisfy the requirements of the Companies Act, CAP. 308. It also allows us to gauge Barbados’ position in relation to several international standards.

The survey must be completed by a Director or Corporate Secretary who is reflected in the corporate records maintained at the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office. This questionnaire is administered pursuant to section 175 (5) of the Companies Act and its completion is mandatory for all companies and societies with restricted liability registered with the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office. ONLY 1 QUESTIONNAIRE SHOULD BE COMPLETED PER COMPANY/SRL.

This questionnaire is NOT being administered to:

  • businesses or entities without legal personality (e.g. registered business names, charities)
  • companies with valid Foreign Currency Permits
  • companies and other legal entities that already fall under a regulator
  • companies that have already been issued with a questionnaire during Phase 1 of this process.

This questionnaire is divided into 2 sections and adopts a checklist format for ease of completion. All questions should be answered truthfully. If you are unsure of a question, please contact us at or 535-2415 for further guidance. Click the link below to access the questionnaire.


Please click on the Corporate Affairs tab to access forms associated to the services of the Corporate Registry which have not been automated in our portal.
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